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An Elegant Look with Beautiful Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete floors

Stained concrete floors

After working what seems like a lifetime, you find yourself in a position to do activities that you want to do, which would have been impossible while the kids still lived at home. If one of your top goals is to give the interior of your Richmond home a facelift, stained concrete floors deserve serious consideration. Especially if you want to make your house look and feel elegant, a product like SunAcid is the ideal solution.

Although you could consider stained concrete floors using a water-based product, one with an acid base is a better choice for achieving the goal of making your Richmond home more elegant. For one thing, when applied, an acid-based stain penetrates the pores of the concrete. It then reacts to specific chemicals, which ultimately yields a marbled effect. Because that reaction is unique to every concrete slab, the outcome is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

You can select from a broad range of colors for your new stained concrete floors, including Black, Buckskin, Cola, Walnut, Vintage Umber, Terra Cotta, and Bronze. As deep, rich hues, you can imagine how any one of those would enhance the interior of your Richmond home. With such a variety, you can select different colors according to each room or have a professional installer apply more than one color in any given area.

There are additional reasons for changing the look of your Richmond home using a stained concrete product. This muriatic acid base creates a translucent look, with the color becoming a permanent component of the concrete. Because of that, you can enjoy its elegant appearance for a long time without worrying about the surface cracking or peeling.

Keep in mind that with an acid-based stain, you can focus on both the inside and outside of your home. Along with beautiful new floors, you might think about transforming the appearance and functionality of your backyard patio, driveway, walkway, or even pool deck.

Create the Look of Success With Colored Concrete Floors in Your Richmond Custom Furniture Store

Interior Colored Concrete Floor

Interior Colored Concrete Floor

What better way to showcase your success than by having colored concrete floors installed in the custom furniture store you own in Richmond. With a stabilized economy, the number of home and business owners opting for custom pieces has increased significantly. Although you provide a stellar product and outstanding service, you need a way of showing potential customers why they should do business with you as opposed to your competition.

When selecting a furniture store in Richmond, most customers focus on two things, the reputation of the company and the overall feel when they walk in the door. As visual creatures, people tend to make a decision on whether to buy from a particular store or go elsewhere by what they see. With colored concrete floors, you have the opportunity to draw people inside.

Keep in mind the importance of selecting the right color or colors for your new flooring system. Not only do you want your floor to highlight the beautiful customer furniture you sell, but it also should make customers feel welcome. After all, the more comfortable people feel when shopping, the longer they browse and the more they buy.

Show prospects that your Richmond furniture store is worthy of their business by choosing colored concrete floors in a more sophisticated hue. As an example, if you opt for a top-of-the-line product like SunCanvas, which is an architectural micro-topping hand-troweled by an artisan, you have incredible options. For the look of success, you might consider something like Artisan Clay, Mink, Rich Earth, or Burlap.

The artisan can further enhance the look of your custom furniture store in Richmond by using antique release powders when creating the colored concrete floors. With this, you have additional color options like Cappuccino, Dark Walnut, Granite Gray, and Dove Gray, all perfect choices for highlighting the success of your business. Taking things to the next level, the installer can also incorporate textures and patterns.

Create a Safe Work Environment Using Epoxy Coatings at Your Richmond Distribution Center

Epoxy Coatings used in Industrial facility

Epoxy Coatings used in Industrial facility

If you own a distribution center in Richmond, you know that safety is paramount. Between forklifts moving and workers moving about, you need to provide your staff with a safe work environment. The problem is with so much activity, accidental falls occur that lead to injuries. An excellent way to reduce risk is by having epoxy coatings applied to the floors.

Not only will epoxy coatings like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 reduce and even reduce risk at your Richmond distribution center, but their application will also create a more pleasant atmosphere. You can choose from a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns, giving your employees an upbeat environment that helps boost morale and productivity.

As for safety, epoxy coatings applied to the floors in your Richmond distribution center will work far better compared to other decorative concrete solutions. For one thing, epoxy has a slip-resistant surface. Even if someone spills something, including grease or oil, cleanup is a breeze. However, you can enhance that by having aggregates added.

An expert installer applies epoxy, so it has a seamless surface. Without bumps or ridges, the possibility of an accidental spill decreases dramatically. Something else to consider is that this coating is resistant to several things, including impact, abrasion, water, stains, and more. As a result, once applied, the floors do not experience damage while at the same time, they remain gorgeous.

Choosing epoxy coatings for the floors in your Richmond distribution center enhances the overall safety of the work environment. As a result, you can expect fewer people missing work due to an injury. Also, with fewer on-the-job accidents, your insurance rate drops and your reputation improves. That means a new flooring system is just as beneficial to your employees as it is to you and your business.

Show your staff and customers that you care by selecting a safe and beautiful flooring system. You can have this type of coating applied to the main work area, as well as the offices, reception area, restrooms, and the lunch room.

Transform Both Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces with Decorative Concrete

Classic Texture - Decorative Concrete

Classic Texture – Decorative Concrete

In simple terms, decorative concrete changes both the appearance and functionality of different surfaces, such as pool decks, driveways, patios, walkways, floors, and more. Although a lot of home and business owners go this route, most focus solely on horizontal applications. However, some products like SunSplash, an acrylic spray texture coating, also works on vertical surfaces, including walls, the front of stairs, fireplace surrounds, water features, and the list goes on.

With the right type of decorative concrete, you can transform almost any horizontal or vertical surface. Just imagine the incredible options you have inside and outside. For instance, you could use a stamped overlay in your hearth room to create a floor that looks exactly like real wood or stone. Then, you could have a professional installer change the appearance of the fireplace surrounds using the same stamped overlay design.

If you have a retaining wall visible to the front of your business that sticks out like a sore thumb, you can do something about it with the application of decorative concrete. As an example, the same spray coating mentioned would create an “orange peel” type of texture that looks beautiful. Then, by selecting a color that matches the exterior of the business or blends in with the outdoors, what was once an unsightly wall now looks stunning.

In addition to spray-on products, you can have decorative concrete surface hand-troweled by an artisan. Perfect inside and outside on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, this allows you to achieve a customized look. For the kitchen, you could coordinate your floors, countertops, and walls using the same or different designs and colors.

Regardless of which decorative concrete solution you prefer, it is essential to have it sealed. Using a clear sealant, the horizontal or vertical surface has a second layer of protection against impact, heat, moisture, abrasions, stains, and more. With the project complete, you will become the envy of family and friends or make a lasting impression on clients.

What Is Scored Concrete and What Are the Benefits?

Scored Concrete

Scored Concrete

If you spent any time researching different decorative overlays, finishes, and coatings, you have probably come across the term “scored concrete” associated with products like Classic Texture. While that sounds like an excellent way to customize the appearance of a patio, driveway, walkway, or floor, you may have no idea what it is or what benefits it offers.

Scored concrete is a technique used by professional installers and contractors to add both depth and texture to an otherwise blank concrete surface. If you had a new porch, pool deck, or other concrete slab poured, you can customize the appearance using a decorative overlay with scoring that further enhances its beauty.

For this, the expert creates a series of grooves cut into the concrete. The greatest benefit of scored concrete is the fact that it gives you another opportunity to personalize the appearance. With this process, you can have a distinct design or pattern created. Also referred to as saw cutting, scoring is a fantastic way to personalize both interior and exterior concrete slabs.

Even if you have an existing concrete surface, a professional can personalize it with scoring. However, that individual must first verify the concrete is structurally sound and intact. If the installer notices imperfections like flaking, chipping, or cracks, he would probably suggest you have an overlay applied. This is one reason you should always turn to an expert if you are interested in scored concrete.

As mentioned, the top benefit of scored concrete is the almost endless design possibilities. With this technique, you can have all sorts of different elements created such as diamond, rectangular, and star shapes, or something completely random. You can even have a gorgeous border made.

In fact, if you want a flooring system that mimics hardwood, the installer can use the appropriate wood-toned color to represent the type of wood you prefer, whether that is oak, pine, walnut, or something else. Following that, the expert scores the grooves. The results are so incredible, no one will know the difference.