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Mixing Decorative Concrete Products Gives Your Richmond Garage Floors a Unique Look

Whether choosing the latest trending shoes to wear, selecting items that make a statement inside the home, or having a custom design added to the paint on a new car, most people love creativity. Even when it comes to garage floors at Richmond homes, people can be creative by mixing decorative concrete products.

If you appreciate unique things and spend a great deal of time in the garage at your Richmond home, you have the perfect opportunity to transform the appearance of the space. Smart homeowners use products like SunEpoxy 100 and SunEpoxy 54 to give their garage floors a distinctive look, and you can, too.

Although a top-of-the-line epoxy on its own will change the look of your garage floor, you can go a step further by introducing a second application. For instance, an installer can apply the color of your liking on the majority of the floor but then use a different color to create a border or interesting design. If you hire the right expert, that individual can even create a custom medallion, family crest, a famous quote, and so on.

If you want the garage floor at your Richmond home to sparkle, the installer can enhance the base product. Whether you choose vinyl acrylic paint chips, colored quartz beads, metallic flakes, specks of glass, or something entirely different, natural and artificial lighting will cause them to shine. You will have not only a gorgeous primary color but also a sparkling effect to enjoy.

Something else to consider is using two different types of decorative concrete. As an example, you could go with stamped concrete and epoxy, polyaspartic and polished concrete, or a different combination to achieve the look you want. With so many color options, you can create garage floors that look refined and sophisticated, bold and eclectic, or rustic and charming. Select an experienced installer who uses quality products, and let the fun begin.

Choose from Beautiful Colors for the Decorative Concrete Installed on Your Virginia Beach Garage Floor

Decorative Concrete garage floor

Decorative Concrete garage floor

Who says the garage floor at your Virginia Beach home has to look boring? Thanks to advances made in decorative concrete, you have an almost endless list of color options. Because of that, you can change the appearance of your garage any way you like with the assistance of a professional installer who uses quality products, like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

Many people think epoxy floors are either black or gray. While those are both options, with decorative concrete, you can choose from a broad range of colors to transform the garage flooring. When making your selection, consider the style of your Virginia Beach house, the way you use the space, and personal design preferences.

If your garage has little foot and vehicle traffic, a thin-mil epoxy is ideal. You can choose from 16 standard colors, including Sand, Adobe, Red Brick, and Thatch Brown. In fact, for a vibrant design, the installer can even use bold colors, like Safety Red, Blue, and Yellow. For a garage that sees a significant volume of traffic, you should consider a more durable epoxy made of 100 percent solids. As with the other option, you can choose from 16 gorgeous colors.

For something unique, think about using a base epoxy along with a second product. For instance, if you opt for SunMetal, you have an additional 12 colors from which to choose. However, this is where things become really exciting. These colors are different and include Violet, Gold, Orange, Copper, and more. Just imagine what you can do with the combination of these two products.

Along with mixing more than one decorative concrete product to create a one-of-a-kind color, you could have the installer create borders, designs, logos, medallions, and other unique design effects. In fact, you can even have aggregates, vinyl paint chips, and quartz beads added that further enhance the appearance of the garage floors at your Virginia Beach home. When you use decorative concrete, you will become the envy of the neighborhood.

3 of the Best Decorative Concrete Floors for a Richmond Business

Concrete Rejuvenation - Decorative concrete floors

Concrete Rejuvenation – Decorative concrete floors

For many people, having a house by the water in Richmond is a dream come true. Waking up and going to bed listening to the waves is as relaxing as it gets. However, those same individuals must take specific steps to protect their homes from damage caused by salty moisture. Even when building or remodeling, it is essential to make wise choices, such as having the right decorative concrete floors installed.

If you want a new flooring system for your house in Richmond right by the water or close to it, you have three incredible options. Keep in mind that regardless of the direction you take, it is critical to have the new surface sealed. That way, it has a protective barrier against not only moisture but also many other things.

  1. Acid-Stained Concrete – Acid-stained concrete is the first choice. Once applied, the stain penetrates the surface of the concrete floors. It then reacts to chemicals in the concrete. Not only does the chosen color become permanent, but the reaction with the chemicals results in a one-of-a-kind marbled effect that is simply gorgeous. A quality acid-stain product is more than beautiful; it is durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for your Richmond home.
  2. Epoxy – Another possibility for the concrete floors at your Richmond home is epoxy. This coating also provides an incredibly strong surface, and it is resistant to stains, abrasions, impacts, and more. Because epoxy comes in a vast assortment of colors and the installer can create unique designs using patterns and textures, you would end up with a stunning floor.
  1. Polyaspartic – Along with its resistance to moisture, this type of coating cures quickly. That means you could have the project done on one day and walk on the concrete floors at your Richmond home the next. By using a product like SunOne, you would enjoy many additional benefits, such as a floor with UV stability that never yellows and a higher level of abrasion resistance compared to epoxy.

Why Choosing the Right Decorative Concrete Contractor in Richmond Is So Critical

Concrete Contractor in Washington

Sundek of Tidewater

Whether you decide to have a product like SunAcid or SunEpoxy 54 applied to the floors in your Richmond home, it is critical that you hire the right concrete contractor. When it comes to overlays, finishes, and coatings, you cannot select just anyone. Instead, you need an expert with experience specific to the type of decorative concrete that you want.

Unfortunately, some concrete contractors claim they do it all but cannot deliver. In reality, a person needs special skills and training to use decorative concrete. If you were to hire a traditional contractor, you more than likely would end up with a subpar project. In fact, you may find yourself in the position of needing all the work redone. You can avoid a catastrophe by doing a little research.

Another reason for hiring the right concrete contractor to work on your Richmond home has to do with product knowledge. Using their expertise and connections with a highly respected dealer, they will select the appropriate product based on the look you want to achieve. If your goal is to transform the kitchen floors in your Richmond home to something with incredible shine and a unique design, a skilled concrete contractor could use a product like SunAcid.

The right contractor also knows the proper way to apply different types of decorative concrete coatings, finishes, and overlays. Because of that, they can produce incredible results no matter what you select, whether stamped concrete, painted concrete, epoxy, polyaspartic, or something entirely different. Even if you choose a custom overlay, an expert would know exactly the troweling method to use to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction with the completed project.

Laying concrete and working with decorative concrete are two different things. Before you hire just anyone to work on your Richmond home, ask for referrals, as well as a portfolio. Also, inquire about the products used and make sure the individual has the qualifications needed for working on your specific project.

Enhancements for Epoxy Coatings to Help Your Virginia Beach Business Stand Out

Epoxy Coatings in a Food Store

Epoxy Coatings in a Food Store

Virginia Beach is a stunning place to have a business. Because of that, it is also a popular location, which means that many companies face fierce competition. If you need a way to stand out and entice people to visit your business, consider epoxy coatings. While that might sound odd, remember: Floors are the first thing that people see when walking into a building. For that reason, floors make a statement, whether good or bad.

Especially if you have a professional organization, you want epoxy coatings for your Virginia Beach business that give potential customers a good idea of the caliber of service you provide. At the same time, your flooring system should continue to welcome existing customers. Although epoxy alone is an excellent solution, there are ways to make it even more exciting.

Thanks to superior products like SunChip and SunFlek, the epoxy coatings at your Virginia Beach business will grab attention, which is exactly what you want. As an example, if you have a retail shop, the way your store looks from the outside has a direct impact on whether people enter or keep walking past. If they see beautiful floors, they immediately want to know more about your merchandise.

SunChip Color Chart for Epoxy Coatings

SunChip Color Chart for Epoxy Coatings

Each of the mentioned enhancements for epoxy coatings accomplishes the same goal but in a unique way. Take SunFlek as an example. This seamless flooring system includes colored quartz aggregates. That enhances not only the appearance but also the functionality. With a broad range of color options, like Port Wine, Desert Sand, Cinnamon, Blue Coral, and Peppermint, you can achieve any look that you want.

On the other hand, SunChip comes in both solid and multiple color options. For the latter, you would end up with epoxy coatings for your Virginia Beach business with varied speckles against a base color, like Dolphin, Rare Earth, White Granite, and so on.

No matter which choice you make, new epoxy floors are the perfect way to get ahead of your competition.