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5 of the Most Popular Outdoor Concrete Colors in Richmond for 2018

Vibrant outdoor concrete colors

Vibrant outdoor concrete colors

Every year, color trends change. Even when it comes to concrete colors in Richmond, those that people gravitate to in 2018 are different from what they liked last year. Fortunately, with so many incredible products, you have unlimited options for not only color but also textures, patterns, and enhancements.

Keep in mind that the concrete color options vary depending on which of the many top-of-the-line products you choose. However, a lot of home and business owners in Richmond prefer bold and vibrant colors this year, which is why SunH2O is a hot item. This water-based stain has an abundance of fun colors that stand out. Although its counterpart, SunAcid, also offers fantastic color choices, the following are unique to SunH2O.

  1. Fern – This beautiful green makes the perfect choice for outdoor surfaces. Many people choose Fern for walkways since it helps them blend into the grass. However, it also has also become a popular choice for patio floors in 2018.


  1. Café Latte – As the name implies, this color is a dark brown with swirls of lighter brown. For both homes and businesses, this is another top choice among concrete colors in Richmond.


  1. Montego Stone – With a goldish hue and beautiful texture, this color ranks among the favorites for both indoor and outdoor applications. Montego Stone has an elegant yet welcoming look and feel.


  1. Sienna Rust – Because bolder concrete colors in Richmond top the list for 2018, it is not surprising to see this one near the top. As a reddish rust color, Sienna Rust is incredibly gorgeous, making it ideal for residential and commercial properties.


  1. Ocean – Ocean looks amazing around swimming pools at homes, hotels, fitness centers, and apartment complexes. For something extraordinary, have the interior of the pool colored to match, creating a seamless flow of blue.


Remember, even if new colors become more popular than these in 2019, whatever you select will look fantastic for years.

Why So Many People in Richmond Opt for Concrete Toppings

Concrete toppings for a beautiful surface

Concrete toppings for a beautiful surface

Whether visiting different homes or businesses, you will notice something interesting, a lot of people in Richmond opt for concrete toppings as opposed to some other surface solution. After a while, it makes you question why. Perhaps they know something that would benefit your home or business.

By reviewing some of the primary benefits of SunCanvas and other concrete toppings, there is a good chance that you will make the same decision for your residence or company.

  • Variety – With an abundance of topping choices, you can achieve any look that you want. Beyond appearance, having a variety of toppings enhances the functionality of surface but in unique ways depending on the product you select. Overall, the surface will look incredible, last longer, and resist stains, abrasions, moisture, and more.
  • Diversity – Not only can you have concrete toppings applied inside but also outside. Whether you need to transform the appearance and improve the functionality of a kitchen floor, foyer, patio, pool deck, driveway, walkway, or some other surface, the right topping will get the job done. When updating the interior, you end up with a more enjoyable space. For outside jobs, your home or business becomes more appealing.

    Concrete topping with stained color

    Concrete topping with stained color

  • Hidden Imperfections – Another reason people in Richmond love concrete toppings is that any existing surface imperfections seem to disappear. For minor to moderate issues like scaling, cracking, and pitting, no one can see the damage. In fact, with the right product and when applied by an expert, the surface will look new. Because of that, there is no reason to have an existing surface ripped out and reinstalled.
  • Colors, Textures, and Patterns – Having control over the originality of a concrete surface is another huge attraction. Most people in Richmond choose concrete toppings because they can mix and match various colors, textures, and patterns to end up with a one-of-a-kind design. Having options is especially beneficial in a neighborhood or business park where all structures look the same.

Epoxy Color Flake Floors Give Richmond Nursing Homes New Life

Instead of offering residents an environment that looks and feels more like home, most nursing homes have a sterile and almost depressing aura. Thankfully, some nursing home owners have taken the necessary steps to change that.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

In addition to more comfortable and colorful furniture, artwork, live plants, and various other amenities, Richmond nursing homes owners have begun to notice the benefits of epoxy color flake floors. Serving as the foundation, the shiny elements of the floors have a vibrant yet calming effect. Because of that, many residents find it easier to cope with depression, loneliness, and agitation.

Whether installed in public areas or private rooms or both, not only do these floors make a significant difference in the overall design, but they also help to boost the morale of the residents and staff. In place of white or dull gray floors that do nothing but bring everyone’s mood down, epoxy color flake floors breathe life and personality into Richmond nursing homes.

By using a product like SunMetal FX in conjunction with a superior-quality epoxy, polyaspartic coating, or acrylic sealer, a professional installer creates a one-of-a-kind look with a strong resemblance to a lava lamp or moon craters. Along with having something interesting to look at, the unique 3-D effect and beautiful colors give residents more options for decorating their rooms.

Due to incredible success, epoxy color flake floors in Richmond nursing homes have become a popular flooring solution. The staff appreciates their beauty and ease of maintenance while residents feel more at home. With endless possibilities, owners of nursing homes can select whatever works best for the style of the facility while still enhancing every resident’s stay. Although other decorative flooring systems exist, this one is hard to beat for this specific application.

Garage Floors in Richmond That Can Withstand Daily Use and Abuse

Garage Floor Systems Hampton Roads, VAAll garage floors in Richmond experience some degree of daily abuse. However, those used for ongoing projects or to accommodate multiple vehicles and commercial service centers tend to get the worst of it. Instead of allowing the surface to deteriorate, you can do something about it without ripping it out and having it reinstalled.

When it comes to systems for garage floors in Richmond, nothing beats epoxy. In addition to dramatically improving the appearance of the space, this material can withstand almost anything. For instance, epoxy resists stains, impacts, chemicals, abrasions, and a host of liquid spills, including grease, brake fluid, and antifreeze. If something spills, you just wipe it up with a damp cloth. For large accidents, use the garden hose.

richmond-va-garage-floors-coatings-optionsSunEpoxy 100

SunEpoxy 100 is perhaps the most exciting product for epoxy garage floors in Richmond homes and businesses. Formulated especially for heavy foot and vehicle traffic, you would have a tough time finding a better flooring solution. The floor ends up looking so good that a lot of people might worry about its functionality.

If you own a commercial repair shop or service center at a local dealership, you want to provide your technicians with an enjoyable work environment. At the same time, you want your customers to walk into a professional business. Adding aggregates or colored chips completely transforms garage floors in Richmond. For the shop area, you could have fewer aggregates or chips added, but then for the customer waiting area, you can choose a denser volume.

Another significant benefit of choosing epoxy for garage floors in Richmond is that the installer can create different textures or add aggregates that make the surface slip resistant. Especially for your employees who work around fluids and grease all day long, this helps them perform better while reducing the risk of falls that lead to injuries.

Choosing a Coating for a Pool Deck Surround

Pool Deck Surround

Pool Deck Surround

After surviving a harsh winter, you cannot wait to open your swimming pool. However, as you look over your backyard, you realize it needs help.  Along with beautiful flowers, trimmed trees, and new lawn furniture, you decide to have new updated pool deck surround installed. That way, there is no need to have the existing concrete surface removed. Instead, a professional installer will apply a high-quality product on top of the existing surface, creating an entirely different look.

Before selecting just any pool deck surrounds, you need to consider several things. After all, the pool is the highlight of the backyard space. For that reason, you want it to look incredible yet function at a high level. Following are a few tips that will help you choose the right product and application technique.

  • Textures and Patterns – If your home has any unique architectural features, incorporate them into the design of the pool deck surrounds. You can even consider the location of your home. For instance, if you live near the water, a surround in an ocean blue with a wavy design is perfect.
  • Color – When using the best products on the market, you end up with durable and long-lasting pool deck surround. You also have an almost unlimited color palette. Take Classic Texture as an example. This spray-on acrylic comes in 16 signature colors that you can mix and match. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can go with one color, two or three colors, or a customized design using a variety of colors.

    Pool deck surround in SunStone

    Pool deck surround in SunStone

  • Lookalike Natural Materials – Pool deck surround that look like natural quarried rock are all the rage. Instead of the length of time it would take to install stone, you can go with a product like SunStone that looks so real that no one would know the difference. In addition to your pool area, you can enhance other features of your backyard using this same product, including a walkway, patio, wall, and more.