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What Is Scored Concrete and What Are the Benefits?

Scored Concrete

Scored Concrete

If you spent any time researching different decorative overlays, finishes, and coatings, you have probably come across the term “scored concrete” associated with products like Classic Texture. While that sounds like an excellent way to customize the appearance of a patio, driveway, walkway, or floor, you may have no idea what it is or what benefits it offers.

Scored concrete is a technique used by professional installers and contractors to add both depth and texture to an otherwise blank concrete surface. If you had a new porch, pool deck, or other concrete slab poured, you can customize the appearance using a decorative overlay with scoring that further enhances its beauty.

For this, the expert creates a series of grooves cut into the concrete. The greatest benefit of scored concrete is the fact that it gives you another opportunity to personalize the appearance. With this process, you can have a distinct design or pattern created. Also referred to as saw cutting, scoring is a fantastic way to personalize both interior and exterior concrete slabs.

Even if you have an existing concrete surface, a professional can personalize it with scoring. However, that individual must first verify the concrete is structurally sound and intact. If the installer notices imperfections like flaking, chipping, or cracks, he would probably suggest you have an overlay applied. This is one reason you should always turn to an expert if you are interested in scored concrete.

As mentioned, the top benefit of scored concrete is the almost endless design possibilities. With this technique, you can have all sorts of different elements created such as diamond, rectangular, and star shapes, or something completely random. You can even have a gorgeous border made.

In fact, if you want a flooring system that mimics hardwood, the installer can use the appropriate wood-toned color to represent the type of wood you prefer, whether that is oak, pine, walnut, or something else. Following that, the expert scores the grooves. The results are so incredible, no one will know the difference.

What Makes a Concrete Overlay the ‘Go-To’ Solution for Garage Floors?

Concrete Overlay in Garage Space

Concrete Overlay in Garage Space

The fascinating thing about concrete overlays for garage floors that Richmond homeowners can choose from so many options. Although epoxy remains an excellent choice, an architectural limestone coating and a hand-crafted custom overlay have become the “go-to” solutions. If one of these appeals to you, make sure the contractor you hire uses a high-quality product, such as SunStone or Tuscan.

While larger projects may take a little more time to complete, an installer typically can have concrete overlay projects finished for Richmond customers in a single day. For people want every room, including the garage, to look pristine for a scheduled event at their home, this is an excellent way to accomplish that goal.

Also, decorative concrete overlays are durable. Once sealed, the garage flooring will withstand daily use, as well as resist stains, impacts, abrasions, and even hot tire marks. Whether you use the garage at your Richmond home for parking vehicles or as a workshop, you never have to worry about the floor’s appearance degrading.

You also can select from a broad range of colors. In fact, a professional can create unique graphics, logos, medallions, and other design effects. If you always wanted a garage at your Richmond home that looks like one owned by a celebrity, no problem. You can choose from subtle colors or go all out with bold and bright tones.

There is also the maintenance factor to consider. Especially in a garage, Richmond homeowners want a floor that requires little care. With the right concrete overlays, you can keep this space in perfect condition with occasional sweeping. If necessary, you can clean it out with the garden hose without worrying about damage.

Concrete overlays also serve as a selling point. If you decide at some point to list your Richmond property on the market, your new flooring system will make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Transform Your Jewelry Store Using the Right Concrete Topping

concrete topping

concrete topping

People who shop for beautiful jewelry want the full experience. They want to walk into a store that looks and feels high-end, yet they want to find gorgeous merchandise for sale at an affordable price. Gorgeous displays of sparkling rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches may not be enough to attract and retain customers. If you are looking for a way to boost sales, consider transforming the floors of your Richmond jewelry store with a concrete topping.

Although you can consider many different flooring systems, micro concrete toppings are ideal. With SunCanvas, the finished project will impress not only you but everyone who walks inside your Richmond jewelry store. Remember, people make decisions based on what they see. Providing your customers with a sophisticated and welcoming environment will have a significant impact.

One of the many exciting aspects of a concrete topping is you can achieve several different looks. As an example, the installer can create a marbled effect to gives your Richmond jewelry store a more elegant and traditional style. By choosing a bold color, you would end up with floors that work perfectly for a more contemporary setting. Regardless of what you select, prepare yourself for a vast change.

Something else to think about is if your current floors have slight surface imperfections, a micro concrete topping helps to conceal them. Even older floors will look brand new. Toppings also produce a seamless surface, which looks stunning while reducing the risk of someone tripping and sustaining an injury.

Just because your Richmond jewelry store faces fierce competition does not mean you have to settle for second best. With a concrete topping, customers will remember your business over others. As this is an easy-to-clean and maintain floor, you can always keep your store in pristine condition.

Make the change and watch what happens. The floors will even attract passersby who had no intention of shopping for jewelry.

Mixing Decorative Concrete Products Gives Your Richmond Garage Floors a Unique Look

Whether choosing the latest trending shoes to wear, selecting items that make a statement inside the home, or having a custom design added to the paint on a new car, most people love creativity. Even when it comes to garage floors at Richmond homes, people can be creative by mixing decorative concrete products.

SunChip Color Chart for Epoxy Coatings

SunChip Color Chart for Epoxy Coatings

If you appreciate unique things and spend a great deal of time in the garage at your Richmond home, you have the perfect opportunity to transform the appearance of the space. Smart homeowners use products like SunEpoxy 100 and SunEpoxy 54 to give their garage floors a distinctive look, and you can, too.

Although a top-of-the-line epoxy on its own will change the look of your garage floor, you can go a step further by introducing a second application. For instance, an installer can apply the color of your liking on the majority of the floor but then use a different color to create a border or interesting design. If you hire the right expert, that individual can even create a custom medallion, family crest, a famous quote, and so on.

If you want the garage floor at your Richmond home to sparkle, the installer can enhance the base product. Whether you choose vinyl acrylic paint chips, colored quartz beads, metallic flakes, specks of glass, or something entirely different, natural and artificial lighting will cause them to shine. You will have not only a gorgeous primary color but also a sparkling effect to enjoy.

Something else to consider is using two different types of decorative concrete. As an example, you could go with stamped concrete and epoxy, polyaspartic and polished concrete, or a different combination to achieve the look you want. With so many color options, you can create garage floors that look refined and sophisticated, bold and eclectic, or rustic and charming. Select an experienced installer who uses quality products, and let the fun begin.

Choose from Beautiful Colors for the Decorative Concrete Installed on Your Virginia Beach Garage Floor

Decorative Concrete garage floor

Decorative Concrete garage floor

Who says the garage floor at your Virginia Beach home has to look boring? Thanks to advances made in decorative concrete, you have an almost endless list of color options. Because of that, you can change the appearance of your garage any way you like with the assistance of a professional installer who uses quality products, like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

Many people think epoxy floors are either black or gray. While those are both options, with decorative concrete, you can choose from a broad range of colors to transform the garage flooring. When making your selection, consider the style of your Virginia Beach house, the way you use the space, and personal design preferences.

If your garage has little foot and vehicle traffic, a thin-mil epoxy is ideal. You can choose from 16 standard colors, including Sand, Adobe, Red Brick, and Thatch Brown. In fact, for a vibrant design, the installer can even use bold colors, like Safety Red, Blue, and Yellow. For a garage that sees a significant volume of traffic, you should consider a more durable epoxy made of 100 percent solids. As with the other option, you can choose from 16 gorgeous colors.

For something unique, think about using a base epoxy along with a second product. For instance, if you opt for SunMetal, you have an additional 12 colors from which to choose. However, this is where things become really exciting. These colors are different and include Violet, Gold, Orange, Copper, and more. Just imagine what you can do with the combination of these two products.

Along with mixing more than one decorative concrete product to create a one-of-a-kind color, you could have the installer create borders, designs, logos, medallions, and other unique design effects. In fact, you can even have aggregates, vinyl paint chips, and quartz beads added that further enhance the appearance of the garage floors at your Virginia Beach home. When you use decorative concrete, you will become the envy of the neighborhood.