Concrete Floors Resurfacing, Staining & More

For over 50 years, Sundek of Tidewater has excelled in the craft of concrete floor resurfacing, producing durable, low-maintenance, and appealing decorative concrete floors. We can overlay any pre-existing concrete surface, tailoring it precisely for your home or business.

Unleash the Power of Concrete

Elevate Your Space with Resurfaced Concrete Floors

Beyond just durability and beauty, our concrete floors are slip-resistant, allergen-free, and a breeze to maintain. Experience unparalleled indoor flooring solutions that stand the test of time. Sundek of Tidewater proudly crafts impeccable indoor decorative concrete floors for homes and businesses across Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Yorktown, Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, and other Virginia locales. Transform your space with us.

What types of indoor floors can SUNDEK of Tidewater resurface?

Expanding Your Indoor Flooring Options with SUNDEK of Tidewater

Commercial Concrete

We commonly resurface coating on indoor floors at commercial properties. We’ve worked on locations ranging from restaurants to water parks.

Industrial Flooring

For properties with industrial floors, durability and safety are priorities. We can install a floor with both of those qualities, and we’ll make it look good, too.

Restaurant & Retail

An attractive floor makes a great contribution to customer-facing locations. We’ll work with you to get the look you love, and we’ll also make sure the floor is slip-resistant and durable.

Garage Flooring

In a garage, there’s high likelihood for damage from things like oil spills or large, heavy tools. We create durable surfaces that can withstand whatever comes along—our surfaces even hold up in high-traffic mechanic shops.

Residential Floors

More and more, homeowners are realizing that concrete resurfacing isn’t only for the outdoors. We love helping homeowners get beautiful surfaces that coordinate with their home’s style.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Your Inquiries Answered

Explore SUNDEK of Tidewater’s Expert Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions About Concrete Resurfacing and More

When concrete is resurfaced, a coating is applied to the top of the existing concrete surface. That coating is then customized with stamping, staining, and/or other techniques. Concrete resurfacing is a fantastic option for updating a space because you can get a brand new look without having to rip out existing concrete. You can save yourself the mess and the headache—it’s also less expensive.

Yes! As long as the surface is viable, it doesn’t matter if there’s cracking, spalling, fading, chipping, or other damage. In addition to being experts in resurfacing, at SUNDEK of Tidewater we’re also experts in concrete repair. We’ll analyze your existing damage, repair it, then resurface your floor so it looks brand new.

When concrete is going to be resurfaced, the existing concrete should be evaluated for damage (for example, cracking, chipping, spalling), and damage should be repaired. The surface then needs to be thoroughly prepared and primed for adhesion. A coating is then applied. After that, the coating can be customized with stamping, staining, and other effects to get the desired look.

The variety of concrete resurfacing options available through SUNDEK means you can get the exact color, texture, pattern, and style you want for your outdoor space. This includes the ability to make concrete look like stone, tile or brick. Some of our most popular choices are textured spray coatings, stamped concrete overlays, and thin, smooth microtoppings.

If you have a new patio and an outdated walkway, we can design your walkway to match or coordinate with your patio. If you love the look of the neighbor's concrete driveway down the street, we can replicate it. Did you see a picture in a magazine of a pool deck you love that was created using knockdown texture? Show us, and we’ll figure out how to create that same look. The options are endless.

The cost of concrete resurfacing varies depending on where you live. Your project’s cost will also depend on the condition of your existing surface. Contact your local SUNDEK of Tidewater contractor to get a quote today.

When done properly, resurfaced concrete will last a long time. With good surface preparation, proper concrete coating application, a protective sealer and routine maintenance, we’ve seen jobs that look just as good 10 and even 20+ years later. SUNDEK of Tidewater contractors are trained in proper mix ratios and installation procedures to ensure our coatings last.

Maintaining a floor that’s been coated with a SUNDEK system is simple. We always seal our surfaces with a high-quality sealer that protects it from general wear and tear and makes it easy to clean up spills. (You can learn more about the importance of sealers here.) General maintenance includes removing dirt and debris every few weeks with a broom or mop. Learn more about maintenance here.

Beyond Resurfacing

Comprehensive Concrete Floor Solutions

Diverse Services Tailored to Every Concrete Need

Repairing Concrete floors

If your floor isn’t level, worry not! At SUNDEK of Tidewater, we can still help you achieve a stunning decorative concrete floor. With our expertise in concrete floor leveling, we can address uneven surfaces and also mend any cracks or other imperfections. Reach out to a SUNDEK of Tidewater expert to guide you through the concrete floor repair process.

Stained Concrete Floors

Seeking to infuse color into your current floors? Consider stained concrete with SUNDEK of Tidewater. We can apply stains directly onto your present floors or integrate them with one of our premium coating systems. Popular among many, SunCanvas microtopping, a sleek and robust layer of concrete or polymer-modified cement, sets the stage for an impeccable stain finish. Dive into our extensive palette of acid stains, water-based stains, or liquid concrete dyes to find your perfect hue.

Epoxy Concrete Floors

When durability meets aesthetics, you get epoxy flooring. Perfect for environments demanding resilience, SUNDEK of Tidewater’s epoxy coatings are tailored for spaces like garages, commercial establishments, animal care facilities, salons, and beyond. Elevate your floor’s resistance and appeal with our premium epoxy solutions.

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