Patio Resurfacing with Concrete Coatings

At Sundek of Tidewater, we've spent decades resurfacing concrete patios for homes and commercial establishments. We take pride in assisting our clients in crafting a surface for their outdoor areas that is as stunning as it is practical.

Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis

Discover the Benefits of Concrete Patio Resurfacing

Considering a patio makeover? Resurfacing is the ideal solution for patios that have uneven surfaces, stains, cracks, or other signs of wear. Beyond just repairs, Sundek of Tidewater offers a plethora of design choices with an array of colors, textures, and patterns to elevate your patio’s aesthetic.

Transformative Patio Solutions

Discover why opting for resurfacing outshines the choice of laying pavers over your concrete surface.​

Pavers can quickly become unlevel, leading to potential trip risks and areas where water collects, fostering weed growth. Engaging a professional to install pavers can also be costly.

If you’re fond of the paver aesthetic, we can replicate that for you. We’re skilled in mimicking appearances such as bricks, wood, flagstone, slate, granite, and more. Additionally, we can apply a protective sealant to shield against stains and UV harm.

The Superior Choice: Resurfacing Over Painting

When contemplating a makeover for your concrete patio, paint might seem like an easy and cost-effective option. Yet, the porous nature of concrete makes it challenging for paint to adhere, often leading to peeling and inconsistencies. Options like water-based stains, tinted sealers, or concrete dyes might be tempting, but they often present color discrepancies.

With Sundek of Tidewater, you can benefit from a concrete coating integrated with the desired color. Our vast palette ensures you get the shade you desire. Beyond aesthetics, our coating offers protection against stains, UV rays, and external damages, ensuring longevity.

Designing Your Concrete Patio with Sundek of Tidewater

Your Patio, Redefined

Outdoor moments often revolve around the patio, making it essential to have one that’s both appealing and safe. Sundek of Tidewater provides a range of finishes for existing concrete patios. Whether you’re envisioning knockdown texture, stamped concrete, or a limestone finish, we can craft the exact look you’re after from our extensive selection of colors, textures, and masonry effects.

For a harmonious appearance, consider adding a decorative concrete overlay to nearby walls, fire pits, countertops, and fireplace surrounds. Discuss the possibilities with your Sundek of Tidewater representative. Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures we’re by your side every step of the way.


Sundek of Tidewater Patio Coating Installation

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our installation procedure (specifics might vary based on the products chosen):

Prepare & Repair

We begin by etching, grinding, or shot blasting the concrete to ensure its porosity. Any cracks or damages are promptly repaired.

Clean & Prime

Through pressure washing, we ensure a clean surface. Once dried, a primer is applied if deemed necessary.


We carefully mix the product according to guidelines and incorporate color if required.

Overlay Application

Based on the envisioned finish, we apply the overlay using techniques like spraying, rolling, or troweling.

Add Patterns & Texture

Utilizing tools such as hand-trowels, rakes, stamps, and other specialty equipment, we bring the design to life.

Cure & Seal

After the overlay sets, we apply a protective sealer. Sealing is essential for maintaining your patio’s beauty, enhancing stain resistance, and ensuring easy maintenance.

Sundek Maintenance

Patio Protection Tips with Sundek of Tidewater

One of the most effective ways to extend your patio’s life is through sealing. It’s essential to note that even the best sealers occasionally need reapplication. Discuss with your Sundek of Tidewater representative about the ideal frequency for resealing. Basic maintenance involves sweeping or mopping to clear dust or debris every few weeks. For any dirty areas, a quick hose down usually does the trick. In regions with severe winter conditions, it’s crucial to shield your patio during freezing spells. While many of our coatings resist chemicals and moisture, we advise cleaning up any chemical spills promptly. For more challenging stains, consider a non-abrasive commercial cleaner suitable for the specific surface. If required, you can also use a pressure washer.

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