Using Stained Concrete to Transform a Hotel Lobby Floor

Hotel Lobby Using Decorative Concrete
Hotel Lobby Floor

If you think about the different times that you have stayed in a hotel, there is a good chance that you remember the hotel lobby floor. There are two reasons for this. First, a hotel lobby is typically quite large, so immediately, the eye gravitates to the most open space, which is the floor. Second, the lobby floor in many hotels is uniquely designed with a bold color or graphic.

The challenge today is that hotels are in fierce competition with one another. For this reason, hotel owners need to think outside of the box to offer guests something fresh and unexpected. Stained concrete in Washington hotel lobbies is an excellent solution. With this, there are unlimited possibilities for making a profound statement that helps guests remember their stay.

When it comes to stained concrete for Washington hotel lobbies, you have different choices. For example, SunDye is stain that mixes with water or acetone. This particular stain can be used on its own or in combination with an acid-based stain. Either way, this stain dries quickly, which means installation is efficient. If this stain is used in conjunction with water, the color variation intensifies but when combined with acetone, the floor would have a darker monotone aesthetic.

SunAcid is one of the top acid-based stain products available. By using this stained concrete for a Washington hotel lobby, the concrete floor will have a translucent mottled look. The reason is that the stain penetrates the concrete where it reacts with salts and minerals within the concrete itself. Because acid stain actually becomes a permanent part of the floor, you never have to worry about peeling or cracking.

The biggest advantage of using acid stained concrete for Washington hotel lobby floors is that no two results are the same. Because of the above-mentioned reaction with the concrete, every floor is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, even when the same color or color combination, as well as techniques is used. For hotel chains, this helps keep the aesthetic of different properties cohesive, while also making each unique.

Regardless of which type of stained concrete you prefer for your Washington lobby floor, you have tremendous color choices. Because of that, you can create a lobby that is bold and vibrant, one that is more calming and subdued, or a lobby with class and sophistication. That means that no matter the style of the hotel, stained concrete is an exceptional choice that both employees and guests will appreciate and remember.

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