Concrete Driveway Construction Tips and Options

Stamped Concrete DrivewayA driveway finished with concrete is the most cost effective option on the market, as asphalt and other paving options cost much more than concrete. As well, concrete usually outlasts most other solutions. When you factor in that concrete is a green solution, because it uses recycled and renewable materials, you will understand the full scope of benefits offered by cement driveways. However, here are some things you may not know.

The Future Is Not Gray With Quality Driveway Sealer
The most common look in concrete driveways may be gray, plain finishes. But that is changing. Driveway refinishing services will help you change the look of your driveway in a myriad of different ways. How exactly does this work? What can you achieve?

One of the first things to understand about driveway resurfacing is that it isn’t always about repairs. It can also get rid of concrete molds, cracks and bad edgings, as well as poorly colored surfaces. While resurfacing can certainly be a part of a repair process, even new driveways can be resurfaced. As well, driveway refinishing gives you the opportunity to take advantage of new and attractive techniques like stamping and staining.

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Concrete Stamping Virginia Beach
A stamped overlay can offer many benefits to existing driveways. With an overlay, a concrete driveway can be made to look like something else, almost anything else! Whatever your preference – the look of natural stone, or brick driveways – can be achieved with a stamped overlay on top of a standard concrete driveway.

Stamping and scoring allows you to transform a basic driveway into a flagstone drive. Or, a combination of stamping and staining will give the driveway the look of granite, marble or other types of stone that are appealing. Patterning is also possible, using different stamps and stains. Truly, the sky’s the limit.

Working with the Right Decorative Concrete Contractor Chesapeake
In order to transform your standard, boring driveway into an elegant extension of your home, you must choose a quality contractor. A word of caution: not all contractors in Tidewater, VA are up to the job. You need Sundek of Tidewater, an industry leader, capable of making your dream a reality, for cleaning, maintenance, restoration, or leveling, and supporting you from planning to finishing.

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