Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Concrete Pool Deck in Virginia Beach

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

If you own a home in Virginia Beach and want to update the appearance of your backyard, one option is with a concrete pool deck. Not only will your deck look completely different, but the right product will make the surface more functional and even safer.

What makes this endeavor so exciting is that you have so many incredible options. The transformation of your new concrete pool deck comes in whatever coating you choose. As an example, epoxy, which is a common choice for residential and commercial garage floors, is an exceptional solution. Using a product like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100, the entire surface changes dramatically.

No matter which product or decorative coating you select for your concrete pool deck, there are a few things to consider. For instance, you want color and design options. Instead of dull gray concrete, you want the opportunity to create a space for people to enjoy that enhances both the backyard and the house itself. Therefore, consider coatings that come in a broad range of colors and design effects.

Functionality is also something to consider. As you know, your concrete pool deck in Virginia Beach will get exposed not to just water but also various chemicals. For that reason, the decorative coating that you select must hold up to both of these. You want something that will continue to look great instead of worrying about deterioration or damage when exposed to pool water, cleaning chemicals, testing chemicals, and so on.

Then there is the issue of safety to think about when choosing a coating for your concrete pool deck. Whether walking or running around the area, the last thing you want is for someone to slip and get injured. Fortunately, epoxy is slip resistant, and you can have other coatings installed with additives, textures, and aggregates to make them nonslip.