Sundek Classic Texture: Why All the Fuss?

Sundek Classic Texture

Sundek Classic Texture

When it comes to the most advanced decorative concrete solutions, Sundek is unbeatable. As an industry leader and company that revolutionized the decorative concrete market, you can trust any of its products; however, one that stands out is Sundek Classic Texture. In fact, this product ranks as one of the sought-after products on the market today.

Although experts can apply this decorative concrete solution to patios, driveways, walkways, and other residential and commercial surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical, it is commonly used to transform pool decks. Not only does the surface become more comfortable to stand and walk on, but it also makes the surface cooler to the touch and safer. With a non-slip surface, the risk of someone slipping or falling reduces dramatically.

Sundek Classic Texture also comes in a broad range of colors, and, for that reason, it is ideal for virtually any home or business owner. When professionally applied, the expert can customize the aesthetics using score cut lines, saw cuts, aggregates, and masonry effects. Regardless of where you use this coating, the outcome will exceed your expectations.

Classic Texture is the product that helped launch the decorative concrete industry. As the original spray-on texture overlay system, it has become what top architects, contractors, and pool builders suggest. In addition to being an excellent choice for home and business owners, major military installations use Classic Texture.

Because this overlay’s surface consists of a non-porous acrylic finish, things like chemicals, dirt, and oil will not penetrate. While it is already easy to clean and maintain Sundek Classic Texture surfaces, the finish further decreases the amount of time and effort required to keep the concrete surface in pristine condition.

For the application, Sundek Classic Texture gets sprayed onto a prepared surface. Then, using the edge of a trowel, a professional installer knocks it down to create a comfortable and slip-resistant texture. After spraying, the surface must dry. Then, two coats of acrylic finish get added. As part of the design phase, the installer uses various techniques to create what appears like tile, stone, brick, and other designs. Even custom graphics are possible.

If you want something extraordinary for your home or business, Sundek Classic Texture is ideal. You can trust a product that started the decorative concrete coating initiative and gets used by millions of people. By enhancing an indoor or outdoor space, you can expect to see an increase in your property’s value.