Safety and Appearance with the Right Garage Floor System Richmond Mechanic Shop

Garage floor system in mechanic shop

Garage floor system in mechanic shop

The garage floor system that you choose for your Richmond mechanic shop is just as important as what you would select for your home, if not more so. After all, not only do you need a safe surface for your technicians to walk on but also floors that appeal to your customers.

Obviously, it is imperative that you go with a garage floor system at your Richmond business that has resistance to a variety of components, including grease and oil, chemicals, moisture, abrasion, stains, impact, and more. Considering the type of work your employees do, an ordinary floor would not suffice. For this, consider two of the best products on the market: SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

Because an installer can add texture and aggregates to an epoxy garage floor system, there is substantially less risk of someone accidentally slipping and sustaining an injury. Without that potential danger, you maintain a productive level of business in Richmond and limit your liability. Depending on your insurance company, you might even save on premiums.

Another aspect of selecting the right garage floor system for your Richmond mechanic shop has to do with making an impression on customers. Although you work on automobiles, the people you serve want to see a clean and organized business, especially in the waiting area. Again, you can have an epoxy coating applied, which comes in a broad range of colors.

Overall, a newly applied coating to an existing concrete surface enhances both the safety and appearance of your company. Best of all, this option does not require you to have a current concrete floor ripped out and re-installed. Instead, an expert applies the preferred product over the surface, even if it has minor imperfections.

In just one day, you can have beautiful and highly functioning floors that your employees and customers enjoy. Ultimately, you end up with floors that last for years and require little cleaning or maintenance.