Subtle Tones & Vibrant Colors For Your Interior Floor


Interior Stained Concrete Floor Toano, VA

Sundek of Tidewater offers concrete staining services in the Yorktown, VA area. We offer expert installations in residential and commercial locations. We provide a wide variety of customized finishes. We install durable and economical solutions to home design projects with vibrant colors, subtle tones, and precision color matching. We can finish any cement surface in the owners choice of gloss and depth, and leave an easily maintained long-lasting appearance.

We feature high-quality Sundek products. SunDye is a stand alone coloring agent that infuses rich tones into the cement surface for vibrant color and deep saturation. We can combine it with acid baths to produce unique color tones and shades. It is available in a range of protective coatings from wet-look and glossy to soft and textured looks. SunH2O is a water based formula that dries quickly and provides precise color control. It can match or contrast any color theme or decor. It is an excellent choice for high traffic applications; it is a popular selection for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial locations. SunAcid has remarkable qualities; it combines with minerals in the cement surface to make color bursts and highlights. Each application of SunAcid creates a unique color pattern.

At Sundek of Tidewater, we encourage inquiries from Yorktown area property owners about our expert concrete staining services. Please call (757) 566-4620 to speak with a knowledgeable staff member and arrange a free estimate. To find out about pricing options, please fill out a request for quote form here. Our commitment to excellent customer service begins with the first contact. We look forward to working with area homeowners; please call or fill out a request for quote form today.