Epoxy Color Flake Floors Give Richmond Nursing Homes New Life

Instead of offering residents an environment that looks and feels more like home, most nursing homes have a sterile and almost depressing aura. Thankfully, some nursing home owners have taken the necessary steps to change that.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

In addition to more comfortable and colorful furniture, artwork, live plants, and various other amenities, Richmond nursing homes owners have begun to notice the benefits of epoxy color flake floors. Serving as the foundation, the shiny elements of the floors have a vibrant yet calming effect. Because of that, many residents find it easier to cope with depression, loneliness, and agitation.

Whether installed in public areas or private rooms or both, not only do these floors make a significant difference in the overall design, but they also help to boost the morale of the residents and staff. In place of white or dull gray floors that do nothing but bring everyone’s mood down, epoxy color flake floors breathe life and personality into Richmond nursing homes.

By using a product like SunMetal FX in conjunction with a superior-quality epoxy, polyaspartic coating, or acrylic sealer, a professional installer creates a one-of-a-kind look with a strong resemblance to a lava lamp or moon craters. Along with having something interesting to look at, the unique 3-D effect and beautiful colors give residents more options for decorating their rooms.

Due to incredible success, epoxy color flake floors in Richmond nursing homes have become a popular flooring solution. The staff appreciates their beauty and ease of maintenance while residents feel more at home. With endless possibilities, owners of nursing homes can select whatever works best for the style of the facility while still enhancing every resident’s stay. Although other decorative flooring systems exist, this one is hard to beat for this specific application.