Creating a Unique Environment Using Concrete Stain at Yorktown Bed and Breakfast Inns

Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain

Owning a bed and breakfast in Yorktown is an exciting venture. Not only does the inn serve as your home, it is also a place where guests come to enjoy much-needed pampering. For achieving success, it is imperative for every guest to have a positive experience. To accomplish that goal, you need to offer excellent food, know about the community, and, most importantly, have a clean home.

The problem with some bed and breakfast inns is that every room looks eerily similar. While there is nothing wrong in following a color scheme or theme, often coordinating with the home’s era and style, you want different areas to have individual personality and character. By having concrete stain applied to the floors, you will see a remarkable transformation.

If you have a Victorian style bed and breakfast in Yorktown, it is important to choose era-appropriate furniture, fabrics, and colors. However, instead of having the same floor in each guestroom, customize using concrete stain. For a room with a flowery and more feminine aesthetic, you could choose a cool blue, pink, or green. For a masculine room, go with something richer, like dark tan, cola, red, or gray. You can also transform the bedrooms designated for teens; to make them age appropriate, you might go with bolder colors and modern designs.

Along with guestrooms, concrete stain is the perfect flooring solution for the kitchen, dining room, hearth room, study, game room, and so on. In fact, you can even change the aesthetics of the exterior of your Yorktown bed and breakfast.

To make guests feel welcome, a professional can apply a beautiful stain color and design to the front steps and porch. In this case, something charming, like a stamped texture that resembles natural wood, brick, or cobblestone, is achievable using a product called SunStamp.

Both a water-based and acid-based concrete stain work well, but with the latter, you get a variegated effect. The reason is that an acid stain penetrates the concrete surface, where it reacts to a chemical compound. As a result, not only does the design effect appear marbled, the color also becomes permanent. For optimal results, SunAcid is a top product choice.

For both vertical and horizontal surfaces, concrete stain is an excellent way to create the perfect bed and breakfast in Yorktown. Along with a concrete floor, stain works beautifully when applied to fireplace surrounds, water features, outdoor fire pits, patios, and more.