Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space in Newport News Using Concrete Stain

Decorative Concrete Patio with Concrete Stain

Decorative Concrete Patio with Concrete Stain

Newport News is a beautiful place where people enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. For that reason, it is common for homeowners to have outdoor living spaces where they gather with friends, invite friends over, or entertain clients. Regardless of the reason, these people want an area that looks amazing and functions well, something achievable by using the right concrete stain.

If you have an outdoor living space at your Newport News home that you want to update, you can by using either a water-based or acid-based stain. Although both options produce stellar results, the outcome is different for each. By understanding what these differences are, you will have an easier time making the selection based on what you want to achieve.

A water-based concrete stain gets applied to a prepared slab of concrete, whether a floor, countertop, walkway, wall, fireplace surround, or fire pit. Available in an extensive list of colors, you can create virtually any atmosphere that you want. When applied, this type of stain changes the surface color. Once dry, the concrete has a beautiful opaque appearance.

In comparison, an acid-based concrete stain actually penetrates the concrete, becoming a permanent color. What makes a product like SunAcid different from a water-based stain is that as the acid penetrates, it then reacts to a specific chemical compound. Because of that, not only is the surface more translucent it is also variegated. While you still have many stunning color choices, between the two, an acid-based stain has more limitations than a stain with a water base.

As you can see, there are some distinct differences between the two types of concrete stain. Therefore, you need to determine what look you prefer best and then make your choice accordingly. As mentioned, no matter which of the two stains you ultimately select, the outdoor living space at your Newport News home will look incredible.

For both options of concrete stain, it is essential to have a superior quality sealer applied. Fortunately, these two decorative coatings types are robust, reliable, and long lasting. However, when sealed, they get a second layer of protection. That way, the color, textures, patterns, and any special design effects will remain even more stunning and last longer. Because both stains dry quickly, you can have people over within a day or two after the application.