Create the Look of Success With Colored Concrete Floors in Your Richmond Custom Furniture Store

Interior Colored Concrete Floor

Interior Colored Concrete Floor

What better way to showcase your success than by having colored concrete floors installed in the custom furniture store you own in Richmond. With a stabilized economy, the number of home and business owners opting for custom pieces has increased significantly. Although you provide a stellar product and outstanding service, you need a way of showing potential customers why they should do business with you as opposed to your competition.

When selecting a furniture store in Richmond, most customers focus on two things, the reputation of the company and the overall feel when they walk in the door. As visual creatures, people tend to make a decision on whether to buy from a particular store or go elsewhere by what they see. With colored concrete floors, you have the opportunity to draw people inside.

Keep in mind the importance of selecting the right color or colors for your new flooring system. Not only do you want your floor to highlight the beautiful customer furniture you sell, but it also should make customers feel welcome. After all, the more comfortable people feel when shopping, the longer they browse and the more they buy.

Show prospects that your Richmond furniture store is worthy of their business by choosing colored concrete floors in a more sophisticated hue. As an example, if you opt for a top-of-the-line product like SunCanvas, which is an architectural micro-topping hand-troweled by an artisan, you have incredible options. For the look of success, you might consider something like Artisan Clay, Mink, Rich Earth, or Burlap.

The artisan can further enhance the look of your custom furniture store in Richmond by using antique release powders when creating the colored concrete floors. With this, you have additional color options like Cappuccino, Dark Walnut, Granite Gray, and Dove Gray, all perfect choices for highlighting the success of your business. Taking things to the next level, the installer can also incorporate textures and patterns.