Create a Safe Work Environment Using Epoxy Coatings at Your Richmond Distribution Center

Epoxy Coatings used in Industrial facility

Epoxy Coatings used in Industrial facility

If you own a distribution center in Richmond, you know that safety is paramount. Between forklifts moving and workers moving about, you need to provide your staff with a safe work environment. The problem is with so much activity, accidental falls occur that lead to injuries. An excellent way to reduce risk is by having epoxy coatings applied to the floors.

Not only will epoxy coatings like SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100 reduce and even reduce risk at your Richmond distribution center, but their application will also create a more pleasant atmosphere. You can choose from a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns, giving your employees an upbeat environment that helps boost morale and productivity.

As for safety, epoxy coatings applied to the floors in your Richmond distribution center will work far better compared to other decorative concrete solutions. For one thing, epoxy has a slip-resistant surface. Even if someone spills something, including grease or oil, cleanup is a breeze. However, you can enhance that by having aggregates added.

An expert installer applies epoxy, so it has a seamless surface. Without bumps or ridges, the possibility of an accidental spill decreases dramatically. Something else to consider is that this coating is resistant to several things, including impact, abrasion, water, stains, and more. As a result, once applied, the floors do not experience damage while at the same time, they remain gorgeous.

Choosing epoxy coatings for the floors in your Richmond distribution center enhances the overall safety of the work environment. As a result, you can expect fewer people missing work due to an injury. Also, with fewer on-the-job accidents, your insurance rate drops and your reputation improves. That means a new flooring system is just as beneficial to your employees as it is to you and your business.

Show your staff and customers that you care by selecting a safe and beautiful flooring system. You can have this type of coating applied to the main work area, as well as the offices, reception area, restrooms, and the lunch room.