Why Is Concrete Repair Necessary?

Repairing Concrete

Repairing Concrete

As you may already know, concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials on the market – it is also very easy to customize and clean. As is true for all building materials, however, even concrete is prone to normal wear and tear, especially if you don’t care for it properly. The good news is that concrete repair is fairly easy if you have the right product and the help of a licensed concrete contractor.

Tips for Concrete Repair

The most important stage in the concrete repair process is surface preparation. If the damage is fairly limited – like a small crack – your contractor can simply clean and patch the area. For more extensive damage, like deep cracks, your contractor might need to take some extra precautions. If your concrete surface is heavily worn or if there are many cracks and areas of damage, you might want to consider concrete resurfacing, which can restore the appearance and durability of your concrete surface without the hassle of demolishing and replacing the entire slab.

Once your licensed concrete contractor has performed an inspection and determined the extent of the damage, he or she will need to clean the area. If you skip this step, the patching compound may not adhere properly to the surface. The next step is to apply a layer of bonding compound around the outside of the crack – this will help to keep the patching compound in place to ensure that it cures properly. For shallow cracks, your contractor can move straight into filling the area with patching compound. For deeper cracks, he or she might have to fill part of the crack with sand first. After applying the patching compound, give it the required time to cure and dry. Depending what type of compound your contractor is using, he or she may need to apply a layer of sealer to the area once it is dried.

If your contractor determines that the damage is too extensive, you may want to consider resurfacing with a Sundek decorative concrete product. For stamped concrete, the SunStone and Tuscan handcrafted overlays are popular choices. They can be customized to achieve the look and feel of premium materials, including natural stone. For maximum durability and easy maintenance, epoxy or polyaspartic floors, like the SunEpoxy and SunOne systems, might be a better choice. Just be sure to protect your new surface with a clear sealer or acrylic finish coat for maximum longevity.

No matter what kind of concrete repair job you have in mind, you can trust the professionals at Sundek of Tidewater to have your back. Call today to be connected with a Sundek contractor to perform your concrete repair.