Change the Aesthetics of Your Virginia Law Firm with Gorgeous Epoxy Coatings

Because so many people connect gorgeous epoxy coatings with residential and commercial garages, they forget just how beautiful they are for other businesses. For example, if your Virginia law firm looks outdated, these coatings will transform your floor’s appearance and functionality. This one change will create an entirely different atmosphere that your employees enjoy working in and clients remember.

Gorgeous Epoxy Coatings

Sundek Gorgeous Epoxy Coatings

With so many color options, you can achieve whatever look you want. For instance, if you want your Virginia law firm to exude Old World charm, SunEpoxy 54 of 100 is ideal. This coating is customizable by using various aggregate fillers and chips, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. For the look that you want, consider solid color chips in a goldish-tan, deep brown, taupe, or amber.

SunMetal FX is another option that is worth consideration. This product will transform your ordinary law firm into something extraordinary. Used along with the SunEpoxy 100 or SunEpoxy 54, SunMetal FX ranks among the best epoxy coatings for businesses like yours. With this application, your floor will have a smooth, almost glass-like surface. However, what makes this product unique is that the metallic produces a three-dimensional effect, thereby creating an aesthetic that reaches beyond your wildest expectations.

Colors like Inca Gold, Autumn Splendor, Copper Penny, Crimson, and Fire Glow are perfect choices. Considering the incredible color options for epoxy coatings coupled with the fact that they are durable, stain resistant, and long lasting, you will never regret your decision to upgrade the floors in your law firm.

Most people are visual creatures, meaning they associate certain things with what they see. In the case of your Virginia law firm, having a floor that clients immediately notice not only makes them feel welcomed but also serves as an effective marketing strategy since people will remember your business above others. For the wow factor that you want while maintaining a professional aesthetic, epoxy coatings are an excellent flooring solution.

If you want a more modern look and feel, this too is achievable using the right epoxy coatings. For example, using the same SunMetal FX product with SunEpoxy, you can choose colors such as Sea Glass or Caribbean Blue. These vibrant colors create an upbeat atmosphere that looks and feels fresh and exciting. For a complete transformation of your Virginia law firm, you can use epoxy coatings on more surfaces than just the floor. For example, they work well for countertops, pillars, fireplace surrounds, and even walls.