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Make Basement Concrete Restoration the Next Improvement Project for Your Maryland Home

Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration

Now that summer is just around the corner, many Maryland homeowners are interested in starting a home improvement project. If your basement has long been overlooked, concrete restoration is an ideal solution. Especially if you have children and pets, there is a good chance that the floor has taken a beating. Once restored, you will have a gorgeous space for entertaining while still having a room for family activities.

Instead of the old concrete being ripped out, your existing floor is resurfaced. That means you never have to worry about a big pile of concrete in your basement or the dust that would spread throughout the home. With restoration, you have multiple overlay options and endless possibilities for colors, patterns, and textures.

Even if the basement floor in your Maryland home has slight imperfections, concrete restoration will completely transform its look and feel. Overlays are designed to give concrete a facelift, which helps hide small cracks and pits. Depending on the age of your home, the existing concrete floor might have been installed using subpar materials. With the right overlay, you end up with a high-quality surface that is strong, durable, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Although overlays are installed as extremely thin layers, this has zero effect on their performance. You will also enjoy the fact that overlays are resistant to water, food, and chemical spills, perfect for both entertaining and family use. To restore your concrete floor, SunCanvas is one of many great products. In addition to a wide selection of colors, you can get as creative as you want regarding patterns and designs.

SunStamp is another exceptional choice. It perfectly resembles other materials, including cobblestone, brick, wood, slate, and more. By using this product for the concrete restoration project in your Maryland basement, you simply choose whatever mirrored material works best for the new decor. For example, if you want to create a high-end look, you might consider a concrete floor that looks like slate, whereas a floor that mimics hardwood is a great option for creating a homey and inviting aesthetic.

As part of your basement improvement project, concrete restoration can extend to other surfaces beyond the floor. As an example, a fireplace surround, bar countertop, or even wall that looks worn and old can be transformed using the appropriate overlay. Once your project is complete, guests and family members will be awestruck at what they see.

Demand for Outdoor Concrete Coatings Continues to Rise Among Virginia Homeowners

Outdoor Decorative Concrete Coatings

Outdoor Decorative Concrete Coatings

As more people in Virginia begin to recognize the value associated with outdoor concrete coatings, one type of decorative finish or another is being used to enhance both front and backyard areas. Driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and more are being enhanced. What makes these coatings such a great solution is that they can be customized based on each homeowner’s personal preference.

There is also a rise in the number of homeowners choosing outdoor concrete coatings for more than just the floor. These same coatings work just as well on walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, water features, and fire pits, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that perfectly matches what the homeowner wants.

Another reason why homeowners in Virginia are turning to outdoor concrete coatings has to do with the variety of available options. As an example, Classic Texture is an excellent product for swimming pool surrounds. In addition to multiple colors that work with virtually any decor, this particular coating is slip-resistant. As a result, any risk of someone slipping while around the pool decreases dramatically while still being comfortable to walk on.

To enhance patios, Virginia homeowners often choose a product called Tuscan. This handcrafted overlay is also available in different colors. Once applied, it looks and feels just like real limestone. Because this coating is also slip-resistant, as well as stain-resistant, it is the ideal choice for high-traffic areas, such as a patio. This allows homeowners to entertain with confidence.

Outstanding solutions are available for the front of the home, as well. An old and drab driveway or walkway can be transformed using either stained or stamped concrete. Along with a gorgeous aesthetic that comes from having a nice selection of colors and patterns, these coatings are strong and durable. Not only do outdoor concrete coatings make the home’s exterior more beautiful, they help add value for homeowners who might be thinking about selling at some point.

The Benefit of Concrete Rejuvenation for Virginia Beach Waterfront Homes

Concrete Rejuvenation

Concrete Rejuvenation

If you have a waterfront home in Virginia Beach, there is a good chance that the effects of the saltwater are starting to show on your concrete driveway, walkway, pool deck, or patio. Over time, the mixture of water and salt can start an erosion process. Therefore, it is imperative that you take quick action. Instead of having an existing concrete surface ripped out and a new one installed, you might want to consider concrete rejuvenation instead.

Typically, the various concrete surfaces around the home would start cracking, spalling, and flaking. If the problem is caught early enough, concrete rejuvenation is a viable remedy. The first step involves having any damage professionally repaired. Once that is done, the surface would be cleaned and prepped, followed by applying a product like SunCanvas, Tuscan, SunStone, or SunStamp that transforms the surface.

Once the surface is rejuvenated, it is then sealed to create an additional layer of protection. As long as the surface is sealed every few years or as needed, your driveway, patio, or walkway would retain its beautiful appearance. The great thing about concrete rejuvenation is that the process is relatively fast, unlike having an entire surface removed and a new one installed.

You also need to consider that unlike a complete install, which is not only time consuming but extremely messy, there are no piles of broken up concrete lying around during the rejuvenation process.

When choosing great products, you have a wide range of gorgeous colors, textures, and patterns. If preferred, various aggregates can be added to further enhance the concrete surface. By choosing concrete rejuvenation, your Virginia Beach waterfront home will look amazing. In fact, the driveway or another surface would actually boost the value of your home.

If decorative concrete is applied to your patio or pool deck, you will have an amazing space for entertaining family members and friends. Best of all, the available products can be modified with add-on materials. As an example, the mix used for your pool deck can be formulated to be non-slip, thereby preventing falls and slips that might result in an injury.

Just as you would have with a new concrete surface, concrete rejuvenation allows you to create whatever design aesthetic you want. Again, using colors, textures, and patterns, you can turn an ordinary backyard space into something romantic, tropical, eclectic, or whatever look you want to achieve. As long as the rejuvenation is performed by a professional, the outcome will surpass your greatest expectations.

Unique Methods for Enhancing the Design of a Concrete Patio in Richmond

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

There is no reason that for concrete patios in Richmond to look exactly alike. With so many innovative systems, colors, textures, and patterns, patios can be completely personalized to what homeowners want. The great thing about decorative concrete is that the possibilities are virtually endless.

One way to enhance the design of outdoor concrete patios in Richmond is by having the installer apply the same flooring method to other surfaces. In other words, if your contractor is applying Classic Texture to the floor, it could also be applied to the walkway leading up to the patio and even the pool deck. This spray texture overlay system is gorgeous as well as slip-resistant, comfortable to walk on, and extremely durable. You can even choose the degree of texture and have the surfaces sealed with an acrylic coating for optimal protection.

Beyond surfaces that people walk on, another great way to enhance concrete patios is to include other concrete elements in the overall design aesthetic. For instance, a gorgeous epoxy or polished concrete floor would be ideal. However, to really amp things up, the same color and pattern could be applied to outdoor fireplace surrounds, a water feature, countertops, fire pit, and more. To make an even more dramatic statement, the same decorative concrete solution used on the floor could be applied to the mentioned surfaces in a complementary or coordinating color.

Texture is a big deal for concrete patios in Richmond. For many months throughout the year, people love spending quality time outside with family and friends. Therefore, a gorgeous yet fully functional patio becomes essential. For a unique aesthetic, aggregates can be added to decorative solutions. Again, as with Classic Texture, the main floor of the patio might have smaller pebble aggregates added while other concrete surfaces could be sprayed with a mix that contains much larger aggregates.

What are the Special Benefits of Using Colored Concrete for Floors in Washington Law Firms?

When most people think of law firms in Washington, they envision offices that are both professional and refined. After all, with Washington being at the heart of the country’s legal system, it makes perfect sense why attorneys seem to take immense pride in how they and their law firms are represented, perhaps even more so than other places in the country. To create the right atmosphere, one that is both inviting and professional, colored concrete has become the top flooring solution.

Colored Concrete Floors Sealed

Colored Concrete Floors Sealed

Between overlays, acid stains, polished concrete, stamped decorative concrete and more, virtually any aesthetic can be achieved. Although there is a host of benefits that go hand-in-hand with colored concrete floors, including strength, durability, and easy cleaning, appearance definitely hits at the top of the list.

Colored concrete floors can be used to create a more traditional environment for a Washington law firm. For instance, SunDye is a great product that can be used to create several different aesthetics. A law firm in an older brick building may want more traditional character, which is possibly using Chestnut, Coffee, or Tawney colored concrete floors. On the other hand, this same product but in Indigo, Moss, or Russet can create a lighter and airier aesthetic associated with a more contemporary style Washington law firm.

Some decorative applications produce a variegated and marbled effect. For instance, acid stain works by penetrating the floor’s surface. It then reacts with minerals and salts in the concrete itself, which is what creates the unique effect. Even if every law firm in Washington chose this specific colored concrete solution, and in the identical color, no two results would look alike.

For a more personalized aesthetic, a professional installer can create a colored concrete floor for a law firm using more than one color and technique. Not only would this be gorgeous, it would help a Washington law firm stand out. Because the floor would make a lasting impression, people would have a much easier time remembering the attorney, which is obviously great for business.