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What Makes a Metallic Epoxy Floor Different from Other Epoxy Systems

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Both metallic epoxy and standard epoxy systems transform the appearance of floors in garages, offices, restaurants, bars, dealership showrooms, basements, kitchens, and more. Although the two share similarities, there are also several distinct differences. If you want to change the look of the floor in your home or business, start by learning what separates these two flooring solutions, making it easier for you to select the right one for your application.

As for similarities, both metallic epoxy and other epoxy flooring systems produce a beautiful surface with incredible shine, durability, and a long service life. They also are resistant to things like stains, oils, grease, abrasion, impacts, and chemicals. For that reason, you will never go wrong choosing either one.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

However, there are also differences, mostly in the look of the finished product.  Metallic epoxy floors can be coated with acrylic sealers, as well as other products, including SunOne Polyaspartic. You will enjoy not only the benefits that epoxy offers but also those from a more durable and abrasion resistant top coat.  For example, when used in conjunction with SunOne Polyaspartic, the floors become even more durable, as well as impact, abrasion, harsh chemical, UV light, and foot and vehicle traffic resistant.

The other difference between the two types of epoxy floors is that metallic epoxy contains flakes or pigments of color that produce a three-dimensional look. The result is a floor that has the appearance of rippling water, flowing lava, or craters. Compared to other epoxy flooring systems, this gives you a one-of-a-kind look, meaning no other floor has the same design effect. With SunMetal FX, you even have a choice of 12 beautiful metallic pearl pigments, which will create a subtle or bold look depending on the installation technique.

If you have a professional business, perhaps an insurance company, law firm, or CPA agency, then a small volume of metallic flakes would suffice. However, a higher quantity would give the floor a more dramatic appearance, perfect for a theater, video arcade, or bowling alley.

Sundek Classic Texture: Why All the Fuss?

Sundek Classic Texture

Sundek Classic Texture

When it comes to the most advanced decorative concrete solutions, Sundek is unbeatable. As an industry leader and company that revolutionized the decorative concrete market, you can trust any of its products; however, one that stands out is Sundek Classic Texture. In fact, this product ranks as one of the sought-after products on the market today.

Although experts can apply this decorative concrete solution to patios, driveways, walkways, and other residential and commercial surfaces, whether horizontal or vertical, it is commonly used to transform pool decks. Not only does the surface become more comfortable to stand and walk on, but it also makes the surface cooler to the touch and safer. With a non-slip surface, the risk of someone slipping or falling reduces dramatically.

Sundek Classic Texture also comes in a broad range of colors, and, for that reason, it is ideal for virtually any home or business owner. When professionally applied, the expert can customize the aesthetics using score cut lines, saw cuts, aggregates, and masonry effects. Regardless of where you use this coating, the outcome will exceed your expectations.

Classic Texture is the product that helped launch the decorative concrete industry. As the original spray-on texture overlay system, it has become what top architects, contractors, and pool builders suggest. In addition to being an excellent choice for home and business owners, major military installations use Classic Texture.

Because this overlay’s surface consists of a non-porous acrylic finish, things like chemicals, dirt, and oil will not penetrate. While it is already easy to clean and maintain Sundek Classic Texture surfaces, the finish further decreases the amount of time and effort required to keep the concrete surface in pristine condition.

For the application, Sundek Classic Texture gets sprayed onto a prepared surface. Then, using the edge of a trowel, a professional installer knocks it down to create a comfortable and slip-resistant texture. After spraying, the surface must dry. Then, two coats of acrylic finish get added. As part of the design phase, the installer uses various techniques to create what appears like tile, stone, brick, and other designs. Even custom graphics are possible.

If you want something extraordinary for your home or business, Sundek Classic Texture is ideal. You can trust a product that started the decorative concrete coating initiative and gets used by millions of people. By enhancing an indoor or outdoor space, you can expect to see an increase in your property’s value.

Slip Resistant Flooring Reduces Accidents in Yorktown Industrial Work Environments

Slip Resistant Flooring

Unfortunately, industrial work environments in Yorktown are prone to accidents. Along with back and neck issues caused by heavy or improper lifting, slips and falls are the most common injury causes. Especially in warehouses, plants, factories, and distribution centers where floors get exposed to moisture or spilled liquid, injuries sustained from falls have become a severe problem. If you own an industrial site, choosing high-quality slip resistant flooring is imperative.

Although you have more than one solution, the best comes from either SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100. These epoxy coatings rank among the best for slip resistant flooring, which is the main reason why industrial environments throughout Yorktown have them. By reducing the risk of falls and slips, you avoid losing valuable labor and putting yourself at legal liability risk.

Not only is epoxy an excellent option for slip resistant flooring; it is also beneficial in other ways, including resistance to abrasions, impact, stains, chemicals, oil and grease, and more. That, combined with the fact that epoxy is durable and lasts a long time, makes it hard to beat. Compared to walking on other flooring surfaces, epoxy has a slight degree of cushion. Therefore, you can expect less muscle fatigue, making it easier for your employees to work productively.

Epoxy is also an attractive flooring system. Available in a broad range of colors, but also customizable using textures, patterns, and aggregates, epoxy creates a more enjoyable and positive work environment. In exchange for that, you will notice an improvement in overall employee morale, which also helps boost productivity.

All the benefits of epoxy are incredible, however, the one that stands out for industrial environments in Yorktown is that it is excellent slip-resistant flooring. Along with being safer to stand and walk on, you would not have to worry about work equipment tires slipping or sliding, which creates yet another risk.

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Space in Newport News Using Concrete Stain

Decorative Concrete Patio with Concrete Stain

Decorative Concrete Patio with Concrete Stain

Newport News is a beautiful place where people enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. For that reason, it is common for homeowners to have outdoor living spaces where they gather with friends, invite friends over, or entertain clients. Regardless of the reason, these people want an area that looks amazing and functions well, something achievable by using the right concrete stain.

If you have an outdoor living space at your Newport News home that you want to update, you can by using either a water-based or acid-based stain. Although both options produce stellar results, the outcome is different for each. By understanding what these differences are, you will have an easier time making the selection based on what you want to achieve.

A water-based concrete stain gets applied to a prepared slab of concrete, whether a floor, countertop, walkway, wall, fireplace surround, or fire pit. Available in an extensive list of colors, you can create virtually any atmosphere that you want. When applied, this type of stain changes the surface color. Once dry, the concrete has a beautiful opaque appearance.

In comparison, an acid-based concrete stain actually penetrates the concrete, becoming a permanent color. What makes a product like SunAcid different from a water-based stain is that as the acid penetrates, it then reacts to a specific chemical compound. Because of that, not only is the surface more translucent it is also variegated. While you still have many stunning color choices, between the two, an acid-based stain has more limitations than a stain with a water base.

As you can see, there are some distinct differences between the two types of concrete stain. Therefore, you need to determine what look you prefer best and then make your choice accordingly. As mentioned, no matter which of the two stains you ultimately select, the outdoor living space at your Newport News home will look incredible.

For both options of concrete stain, it is essential to have a superior quality sealer applied. Fortunately, these two decorative coatings types are robust, reliable, and long lasting. However, when sealed, they get a second layer of protection. That way, the color, textures, patterns, and any special design effects will remain even more stunning and last longer. Because both stains dry quickly, you can have people over within a day or two after the application.

Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Concrete Pool Deck in Virginia Beach

Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete Pool Deck

If you own a home in Virginia Beach and want to update the appearance of your backyard, one option is with a concrete pool deck. Not only will your deck look completely different, but the right product will make the surface more functional and even safer.

What makes this endeavor so exciting is that you have so many incredible options. The transformation of your new concrete pool deck comes in whatever coating you choose. As an example, epoxy, which is a common choice for residential and commercial garage floors, is an exceptional solution. Using a product like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100, the entire surface changes dramatically.

No matter which product or decorative coating you select for your concrete pool deck, there are a few things to consider. For instance, you want color and design options. Instead of dull gray concrete, you want the opportunity to create a space for people to enjoy that enhances both the backyard and the house itself. Therefore, consider coatings that come in a broad range of colors and design effects.

Functionality is also something to consider. As you know, your concrete pool deck in Virginia Beach will get exposed not to just water but also various chemicals. For that reason, the decorative coating that you select must hold up to both of these. You want something that will continue to look great instead of worrying about deterioration or damage when exposed to pool water, cleaning chemicals, testing chemicals, and so on.

Then there is the issue of safety to think about when choosing a coating for your concrete pool deck. Whether walking or running around the area, the last thing you want is for someone to slip and get injured. Fortunately, epoxy is slip resistant, and you can have other coatings installed with additives, textures, and aggregates to make them nonslip.