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Unique Methods for Enhancing the Design of a Concrete Patio in Richmond

Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

There is no reason that for concrete patios in Richmond to look exactly alike. With so many innovative systems, colors, textures, and patterns, patios can be completely personalized to what homeowners want. The great thing about decorative concrete is that the possibilities are virtually endless.

One way to enhance the design of outdoor concrete patios in Richmond is by having the installer apply the same flooring method to other surfaces. In other words, if your contractor is applying Classic Texture to the floor, it could also be applied to the walkway leading up to the patio and even the pool deck. This spray texture overlay system is gorgeous as well as slip-resistant, comfortable to walk on, and extremely durable. You can even choose the degree of texture and have the surfaces sealed with an acrylic coating for optimal protection.

Beyond surfaces that people walk on, another great way to enhance concrete patios is to include other concrete elements in the overall design aesthetic. For instance, a gorgeous epoxy or polished concrete floor would be ideal. However, to really amp things up, the same color and pattern could be applied to outdoor fireplace surrounds, a water feature, countertops, fire pit, and more. To make an even more dramatic statement, the same decorative concrete solution used on the floor could be applied to the mentioned surfaces in a complementary or coordinating color.

Texture is a big deal for concrete patios in Richmond. For many months throughout the year, people love spending quality time outside with family and friends. Therefore, a gorgeous yet fully functional patio becomes essential. For a unique aesthetic, aggregates can be added to decorative solutions. Again, as with Classic Texture, the main floor of the patio might have smaller pebble aggregates added while other concrete surfaces could be sprayed with a mix that contains much larger aggregates.

What are the Special Benefits of Using Colored Concrete for Floors in Washington Law Firms?

When most people think of law firms in Washington, they envision offices that are both professional and refined. After all, with Washington being at the heart of the country’s legal system, it makes perfect sense why attorneys seem to take immense pride in how they and their law firms are represented, perhaps even more so than other places in the country. To create the right atmosphere, one that is both inviting and professional, colored concrete has become the top flooring solution.

Colored Concrete Floors Sealed

Colored Concrete Floors Sealed

Between overlays, acid stains, polished concrete, stamped decorative concrete and more, virtually any aesthetic can be achieved. Although there is a host of benefits that go hand-in-hand with colored concrete floors, including strength, durability, and easy cleaning, appearance definitely hits at the top of the list.

Colored concrete floors can be used to create a more traditional environment for a Washington law firm. For instance, SunDye is a great product that can be used to create several different aesthetics. A law firm in an older brick building may want more traditional character, which is possibly using Chestnut, Coffee, or Tawney colored concrete floors. On the other hand, this same product but in Indigo, Moss, or Russet can create a lighter and airier aesthetic associated with a more contemporary style Washington law firm.

Some decorative applications produce a variegated and marbled effect. For instance, acid stain works by penetrating the floor’s surface. It then reacts with minerals and salts in the concrete itself, which is what creates the unique effect. Even if every law firm in Washington chose this specific colored concrete solution, and in the identical color, no two results would look alike.

For a more personalized aesthetic, a professional installer can create a colored concrete floor for a law firm using more than one color and technique. Not only would this be gorgeous, it would help a Washington law firm stand out. Because the floor would make a lasting impression, people would have a much easier time remembering the attorney, which is obviously great for business.

Specific Things to Look for Before Hiring a Concrete Contractor in Washington

Anytime you hire a contractor, regardless of the work being done, it is imperative that you do your homework first. This is especially true when hiring a concrete contractor for your Washington home or business. After all, concrete typically covers large spaces, including patios, floors, countertops, walls, and so on. Therefore, even a small error would be visibly noticeable.

Concrete Contractor in Washington

Sundek of Tidewater

  • Experience – There is no question that experience obviously is the most important criterion when hiring a concrete contractor in Washington. Not only do you want a professional who has experience in the concrete industry, but one who has years installing the exact type of concrete that you want. For example, if you plan to have a new polished concrete floor installed in your large foyer, the person you hire should have experience specific to indoor polished concrete installation.
  • Ongoing Education and Training – You also have every right to ask contractors of interest about any seminars or training sessions that they might have recently attended. Typically, contractors that continue on with education, even after having been in the business for years, are more dedicated to their craft. This also shows that your Washington contractor takes advantage of opportunities to learn about new techniques and products.
  • Products – The Washington concrete contractor that you hire should use only the highest quality products on the market. As a perfect example, if you want stained concrete applied to an outdoor patio or walkway, you can feel confident choosing someone who uses Sundek products like SunH20 or SunAcid.
  • Insurance Coverage – It is also important to research what type of insurance coverage a contractor has, which is for your protection as well as theirs. By having general liability and workman’s compensation, you are protected if something is damaged or someone is injured in your home or on your property.

The Top Industries that Benefit Most from Colored Concrete in Virginia

Colored Concrete For Office Buildings Tidewater

Colored Concrete in Virginia By Sundek of Tidewater

Although virtually every industry in Virginia can benefit from colored concrete, some benefit more than others. Using the right technique and product, like SunSand, SunStamp, and others, it is possible to achieve beautiful, yet functional, design elements.

Start by considering medical and dental professions. Even with advanced technology and extremely gentle doctors and dentists, many people are still scared to enter the doors of a medical or dental clinic. In addition, a lot of facilities have sterile walls and floors that make people feel even more uncomfortable. However, by choosing colored concrete for Virginia medical and dental offices, the entire environment is transformed to feel warm and welcoming.

Professional businesses, including those in the financial industry, also benefit from colored concrete in Virginia. For example, law firms, accounting firms, tax firms, estate planning firms, banks, and credit unions, among others, need to have a professional aesthetic. For these businesses, the goal is to entice and maintain customers. By providing an office that has color, people tend to naturally let their guard down.

Service and hospitality companies, such as retail stores, day spas, restaurants, bars, hotels, and call centers, to name a few, also land on the list of top industries that benefit from colored concrete in Virginia. Multiple studies show that the right color has a profound effect on employee attitude and productivity. That means that ultimately, the customer has a better experience, which equates to increased profit for the company.

Although you can get as creative as you want when choosing colored concrete for your Virginia business, it helps to choose something that complements the type of business and existing décor. With a cohesive look and feel, the business gives a better impression to potential and current customers. Whether choosing polished concrete, stamped concrete, overlays, stain, resurfacing, or some other technique, the results will meet, if not exceed your greatest expectations.

Using Stained Concrete to Transform a Hotel Lobby Floor

Hotel Lobby Using Decorative Concrete

Hotel Lobby Floor

If you think about the different times that you have stayed in a hotel, there is a good chance that you remember the hotel lobby floor. There are two reasons for this. First, a hotel lobby is typically quite large, so immediately, the eye gravitates to the most open space, which is the floor. Second, the lobby floor in many hotels is uniquely designed with a bold color or graphic.

The challenge today is that hotels are in fierce competition with one another. For this reason, hotel owners need to think outside of the box to offer guests something fresh and unexpected. Stained concrete in Washington hotel lobbies is an excellent solution. With this, there are unlimited possibilities for making a profound statement that helps guests remember their stay.

When it comes to stained concrete for Washington hotel lobbies, you have different choices. For example, SunDye is stain that mixes with water or acetone. This particular stain can be used on its own or in combination with an acid-based stain. Either way, this stain dries quickly, which means installation is efficient. If this stain is used in conjunction with water, the color variation intensifies but when combined with acetone, the floor would have a darker monotone aesthetic.

SunAcid is one of the top acid-based stain products available. By using this stained concrete for a Washington hotel lobby, the concrete floor will have a translucent mottled look. The reason is that the stain penetrates the concrete where it reacts with salts and minerals within the concrete itself. Because acid stain actually becomes a permanent part of the floor, you never have to worry about peeling or cracking.

The biggest advantage of using acid stained concrete for Washington hotel lobby floors is that no two results are the same. Because of the above-mentioned reaction with the concrete, every floor is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, even when the same color or color combination, as well as techniques is used. For hotel chains, this helps keep the aesthetic of different properties cohesive, while also making each unique.

Regardless of which type of stained concrete you prefer for your Washington lobby floor, you have tremendous color choices. Because of that, you can create a lobby that is bold and vibrant, one that is more calming and subdued, or a lobby with class and sophistication. That means that no matter the style of the hotel, stained concrete is an exceptional choice that both employees and guests will appreciate and remember.